from Richard's one to one work with clients, Icaro training and events

From one to one work:

I am very grateful to Richard Down for his genuine shamanic skill in the healing I have experienced in this past 3 weeks since the two hour power session I had with him.

I was really stuck in a dark place and knew that I needed real help to guide me back to health and my self . I was unraveling, so lost and very vulnerable and I felt that I could trust Richard. I was right in this, as he could see very clearly what I could not, and he did save my life. It is the support and guidance which means so much to me – to be able to share deeply enough to facilitate working together in a profound way: I have never felt so safely held and loved in the connection that we kept in these last few weeks. This is the Shamanic way of healing I feel, impeccable and selfless. Richard was honest with me throughout and offered gentle reflection so that I was empowered to find my truth... it is this mentoring that is putting me back together and makes the real difference on the path to wholeness. If you are reading this, then you are looking for help... I can assure you , in Richard you will receive a deeply healing experience like no other available in south west England. Mandy St Claire.  Jan 2017                                                                                                                        

  • I cannot express my gratitude for what you have done. Although I obviously held hope for help when I contacted you I did not expect that you would be able to do this to me!!! it is nothing short of a miracle. . .for the first time in years I am free of the most terrible torment and feel like I can begin living   Eddy May 2016

  • Richard Down has recently supported me through a period of depression and complexity on the spiritual path, which had left me feeling depleted and overwhelmed. It was clear to me from the first meeting that he has extensive knowledge, wisdom and spiritual skill. Richard made an assessment of my problems over Skype and through a process of dialogue hypnosis and singing icaros (medicine songs) he cleared so much suffering from my system. This process is very magical and cannot really be understood from an ‘ordinary perspective’. It is however powerful, effective and safe.

        Richard is a very experienced shaman who applies an expansive awareness of healing in a subtle down-to-earth and humble way.

        I am an experienced healer myself and move in circles of shaman and other kinds of energy workers and I can say without hesitation               that I would recommend Richard’s work to anyone who is suffering or troubled.

        Richard you are the real deal. Thank you so much for helping me Tatanka White Ohitika  June 2016

  • Dear Richard, I am writing to say a very grateful "Thank You" to you for lifting the terrible burden of alcoholism I have suffered with for many years. You have been blessed with a wonderful gift and I feel truly honoured that I met you... I find it unbelievable that I no longer have the desire for a drink, but better still, do not even think about it - it is as if drink had never been in my life. I think you are a very spiritual human being and I wish you many years of helping people be rid of their addictions and problems, so they too may go on to live a full and healthy life. I wish I had met you 40 years ago! I look forward to coming to one of your meetings in the future and promise I'll always keep in touch. May the path to your door never be overgrown. Eternally  grateful"Sue. Plymouth 2013

  • This is wonderful work, Richard, You are really being of service to people and I honour you for living your truth in an authentic way. I could see glimpses of this before of course – in no small way did you actually save my brother’s life and I am eternally grateful for the loving, generous way you gave of yourself to him throughout no doubt, one of the longest and darkest nights. Bless your soul brother. If anyone is reading this other than you then if you need healing go to Richard. He is the real deal Olly. Portugal 2015

  • I really enjoyed singing with you, and hearing the power of your songs. Amazing that it's growing so Shaman Roberto 2012                

  • I really need to thank you for my healing. It was really quite remarkable. My chosen intention, to heal old wounds, positively benefited me both emotionally and physically. 

      My lower back pain, which was particularly bad back in May and has troubled me for a number of years. Has been absent now since the healing. I woke that night with the same sudden urgency that my pain had been causing (especially whilst we were camping that week) and I was instantly aware that this time was different. It was the absence of pain and discomfort tha had announced itself. I couldn't believe it. I have wanted to be sure this remained the case before writing. I've been able to return to my allotment and continue work there and also return to running and not experienced the pains that prevented me from doing so last year. 

      Emotionally I have been able to journey to a place of forgiveness and empathy for the past hurts delivered into me. I'm finally accepting of the toxic relationships that caused me to seek this healing from you when you offered the gift of your shamanic song.  Emma Hedgucation festival 2017

* Richard, I really am so very thankful for, and humbled by such a gift. My journey has been made so much more joyful since our meeting. This is a truly life changing experience for me.  Kerry 2016

 * Richard, my life has changed for the best in so many ways since your work with me. I will always be grateful for what you have done.                David Cornwall 2016                                                                                                                                                                           

* Unique skills to help you get back to life in most difficult times..❤ Yulia London 2019

                                                              From Icaro workshop training:

  • I absolutely loved Richards Icaro workshop, so much that I did not want it to end. Richard has a very special magical presence that is captivating, warm, calm, and very caring. Since attending I have felt a shift in my energy and is benefiting myself and my clients who come for healing. Richard is a true Maestro, thank you Richard Down. X22 September 2018

  • What an incredible work we did! After the workshop I felt deeply blessed and honored with the wisdom that you passed! Your in-depth understanding, knowledge and sense of humor kept the energy in the room high all the time and I was being able to focus all my attention on the topic! The workshop itself was pretty intense and I wasn't expecting to get so connected to the universe just through tour voices! After I started perceiving sound as a completely different phenomenon. I left the workshop with an intense feeling that some veil inside me has been lifted and couple of days after I got into very deep realizations about myself. This is to do with my sacral chakra and some imbalances which now after the workshop I see in a completely new light. Also I feel like I left with a powerful tool to use in my own personal journey and as a technique to use to heal others in my sessions.

     The power of the song! Thank you so much for bringing that into my life! ................................................................. OS April 2016


  • I would like to say such a wonderful UPlifting workshop we had with Richard Down, on sharing his gifts/knowledge that has been passed on to him..Richard shares his teachings deeply from the heart, with humour and grace. I truly felt like I had a one to one healing within the group and yes, I felt things shifting from within..I am so happy and honoured and grateful that I attended the Icaros workshop, after much debate with myself! I am overwhelmed how pure the love Richard gives in his teachings and how i have walked away feeling lighter than light, clear and look forward to reap the rewards of practising and working with these amazing songs.

      Bless you Richard and Thank You...................................................................................................................................... AM  April 2016

  • 'What to say about the workshop? It was excellent; it changed the way I see the world; a true Shaman : Richard is a keeper of sacred knowledge; and it was a beautiful thing to develop such a deep appreciation of the richness of sound - the wealth of the realm - I am blessed to have been able to share in such rare and precious insights - with a real teacher to learn from - in a lineage that withstands the turmoils of our species... words fail to do this experience justice.' ..............................................................................D B April 2016


  • Richard Down was key person in my musical journey - the sound initiation I received from him was a really empowering experience and I can't thank him enough - he is running an event on my doorstep (in Bristol) THIS SATURDAY! I am going to be there, and am excited for how this will bring me on in my journey Dr J Lovesey April 2019                                                                                                                           

  • I'm feeling a massive shift since Richard sang the songs into me and today I'm starting to rearrange my life. I'm feeling empowered. The attunement was very powerful. I could feel the Madre plant spirit was very much alive inside me during these songs. I am so excited to be able to combine singing & healing together. The two things that I am really passionate about!
    The vocal over toning and pushing down on the vowel sounds has been a challenge. But I'm sure with some practice, I will get there in the end. Any tips on the over toning would be amazing...                                                                                                                       Singing the icaros takes you away completely from your usual way of singing. It pushes me right out of my comfort zone. But I like a challenge! Shaman Rachael April 2019                                                                                                                                                               

  • I'm feeling a deeper and stronger resonance developing in my voice, and am now starting to move from the vowel sounds to meaningful words - singing to thank the land, singing to ask for our hearts to be strong.. It's definitely shifting something in me, and I'm very grateful  David  April 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Richard Down wish I could teleport to you for this. My voice has open significantly since I was with you last year!!! I found my light language. I sang some demons into integration. I saw someone soften and expand in front of me. So many things! I even hearI have loved working with the toning already now I have my board set up!.... it is bringing a whole new dimension to my vocalisation... it is amazing to have some meaning behind each of the sounds/tones, really excited how this will develop my voice and strengthen it!!  Heart feels BLASTED open with this icaro moving in, through and all around me. I went to the beach to sing to the full moon two nights ago and it's like my voice merged with the ocean...hard to explain - it was loud and soft and powerful somehow?!?! what happened to me!!! Venus London 2018

  • I have loved working with the toning already now I have my board set up!.... it is bringing a whole new dimension to my vocalisation... it is amazing to have some meaning behind each of the sounds/tones, really excited how this will develop my voice and strengthen it!! 

    Iv'e been improvising the sounds vocable over some guitar chords and its like I finally have a direction with my voice.... wowww thank youuu  Drew 2019

  • Firstly thank you Richard Down . for all that you are doing for us with this work 🙏🏼
    I am truly grateful for what our icaro initiation ceremony last May catalysed for me and for how my healer destiny ‘changed course’ as a result! Lisa Manchester 2018

  • Cherry Kalila Thank you Richard, lovely to be here! I have been journalling my experiences with the toning and sonidos; making notes of how i feel before and after, and am consistently amazed at the difference. So much more capacity for openness, trust, compassion... and now songs are slowly starting to come to me as I walk down the street.. magic indeed. Endless gratitude Cherry 2018

  • Thank you Richard! Thank you so much for this really good workshop that really touched me! Giullaume  London 2018

  •  I love doing it and I love seeing the progress. Now I can keep going for a very long time and feel like there is a singing bowl in my head, the sounds sound very powerful to me. I did it in front of my family back home in Poland and my dad could feel vibrations in his body. My family said they could never imagine me creating such sounds and my voice sounds non human 🤣 I have shared it with my auntie who is suffering a lot now physically and mentally, she said she does it every day and it really calms her down, even my mum started to do it. I am so happy I could share it with my family. Also I am happy that I managed to keep going and it gives me more confidence that I can be consistent if I want to. And I started to sing a lot at home, I realised I actually don't know many songs so just make stuff up most of the time and it makes me feel so good. I was always ashamed to sing with my ''horrible'' voice but I am much more confident now! Marta London 2018

  • You know the two days I spent working with you were incredible. You are a truly gifted individual, yet humble and encouraging as you teach. I used the word “enchanting” to sum up our short time spent together because you imparted so much to me. Your stories, humour, compassion, passion for your work and healing sealed within me an understanding that we are indeed alchemists, and as as such we can create the life we want if we follow our passion!!! We need to return to, and embrace the childlike curiosity that we once had. To approach our work and life with fevour and passion. When we offer healing.. “ we sing for another’s life!”. Thank you for imparting this wisdom. I continue practising the Icaros and vocally singing the the chakra sounds ... loving it and having fun with this!!. Today has been a busy day but tonight I have time to I sit now and have some “me time to start integrating the past two days. My reflections begin with the memory of my healing at the top of our climb up the hill set in the beautiful moorlands, as you played the flute and sung the shipibo Icarus with conviction and power.. claiming back my power with forgiveness! so grateful ... wow !!! Thank you  Yvonne Birmingham 2018

 From events:


  • A week or so on from Power Up London, and I’ve had an incredible week. Totally powered up in my energy. Bright, joyful resilient.... and really feeling the shift in my client work. This is not just a relaxing sound healing... it’s hard to find the words to describe Power Up with maestro shaman Richard Down. There is magic flowing through his sacred icaros, and there is ancient medicine powering through the current in the room. And far beyond.....As a community we chanted, toned, drummed and rattled our own unique sounds, which came together and hypnotically I M M E R S E D us into a deep & powerful flow of something indescribable. With a life & force all of it’s own. Healing. Ecstatic. Blissfull Lisa Manchester 2018                         

  • such an integral person. I loved Richards energy from the moment I walked into the room. so genuine. so much love oooozing from him. the technique he's shared with us is so powerful and an experience I would encourage everyone to have. Pollyanna Power Up Bristol 2018                                                                                         

  • To see you come from a place of total love and heart and to be merged at that level was inspiring. To hear the songs,which are just so important, was an honour indeed. To be able to connect through song, to these powerful plant Spirits, for me, was just so beautiful. Oh and yes ,to be able to 'see' the songs too.... I was reminded of just how powerful 'song' is Mandy 2018 Power Up London                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  •  Thank you God 
    Thank you Brighton
    Thank you Aho
    Thank you new friends 
    Thank you new learnings sharing & new extended beliefs in Love
    Richard our host thank you 
    See you all soon
    Blissful joyful fearless  Paul. Power Up Brighton 2019                                                                                                                                                             

  • That was an awesome evening! Loved the Icaros and the sheer energy. Fab Ray. Manchester Power Up 2018                                                                  

  • That was just stunning and wild! I love it I simply love it! The trance and the icaros!! Dianna. London Power Up 2018                                                                                                                                                                    

  •  THIS Was the most amazing thing ever, I had weak shaky legs at one point..... I've never experienced anything like it. And yes my eyes were closed for most of it too ha! Just out of this world..... Literally! Thank you so much I'm so grateful to have been there xxx  Tasha Silver. Power Up All About Love Festival 2018                                                                                                                                                           

  • I was just crawling across the floor - my mind was totally gone from the Icaro and chanting...That was fantastic! Alan Burton. Manchester Power Up                                                                                                                                                           

  • We're still flying from this unforgettable evening of Icarave music and sacred chants, thanks to Richard, Kat and Si for one of the most amazing musical events ever. Chris. Power Up All About Love Festival 2018                                                                                                   

  • Check out this INCREDIBLE dude and the important work he is doing for us all. This is an insanely beautiful and powerful gathering with such an awe inspiring pure hearted vibration. Tiger Si on Power Up Tour 2019                                                                                                             

    Last year's ALL ABOUT LOVE was a blast and Richard Down aka Mr Icaro was just the BEST!  Lisa Williams All About Love Power Up 2019

  • Well, had a truly amazing night last night in Tavistock. The event was a talk and healing through the Shipibo song of Santa Rosa in Peru (hope that's right!). Richard Down was truly amazing and worked his socks off providing healing for the forty people who were crammed into the hall. And also to his good wife Katerina (also a healer) for the background singing to amazing results. Thank you so much Richard & Katerina for a truly fantastic evening. Don't think I have even seen someone take on healing so many people at once! ...........................................................................................................................................................M (Tavistock  

  • A fantastic gentleman and so so passionate about the healing................................................................................. JD (Tavistock 2012​

  • Thank you so much Richard & Katerina for a truly fantastic evening. Don't think I have even seen someone take on healing so many people at once! ...........................................................................................................................................................M (Tavistock 

  •      I really enjoyed singing with you, and hearing the power of your songs. Amazing that it's growing so ........................................................................................................................................................................................ Shaman Roberto 2012  


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