My heart is now your home

A shamanic practice towards the Worlds displaced refugees…and a brief sharing of some of the activities that are now pivotal to our work that is best described as a focus of peace…

So I will sit with medicine song and enter the trance that will somehow connect my world with that of 34000 more refugees – today’s toll of the displaced and homeless around this world – It is a gentle consideration and a subtle focus towards their plight. I can only offer them love before I lose my thinking mind completely, creating a place deep within the heart of hearts where these souls can reside.

This is no morbid fascination of focus towards the 65.5 million displaced refugees currently in this World this year – it is in a way a form of shamanic meditation whereby I can direct my love…

A mantra comes to me:

“You will always have a home and that home happens to be my heart

You will always have a home and that home happens to be my heart”

My mantra forms a pure dual focus in the understanding that it is a prayer influencing pre-matter; the displaced will find their way home to the place where love and Universe reside and that somehow the waking world will also find their way to this love.

Beyond all the thought and all the minds doing exists the deepest awareness - the light that transforms…this is the ultimate purpose of the meditation. The destination and focus.

I know that to many the account of this practice will sound bizarre/esoteric – and that is OK – of course it may seem that way. To anyone not actively involved in shamanic practice or deep practice in meditation it may seem so abstract in such a way that it seemingly offers nothing to the people who have been ripped away from their homelands – suffering the devastating effects of war and disaster. However even this to the reader right now is a telling of a story that has a tendency to be ignored in the comfortable trappings of the West. We will all have to find our own way of absorbing the fact that the asylum seekers, the refugees fleeing for their lives are growing in number and where we now live in a world where 1 in 113 people are now refugees…

What can be realistically achieved by us – the people?

What can we simple people do?

We can all love - love is the most powerful driver behind any action we can possibly make...

More love, more loving hands-on action, more spiritual connection – an increased interest in to the plight of the World’s refugees – that their story is told – that they do not become the forgotten people.

Their plight can so easily become ours. They had homes, family and friends, work and infrastructures such as ours. Without these things we could also become displaced and quickly forgotten or dismissed by the rest of the World.

Personally I see a world awakening with so many direct heart-activated hands-on approaches to bring aid to the suffering and displaced. In my home town of Plymouth just recently I became aware of two local women who had created a charity responsible for the successful collecting and distributing of 2 lorry loads of items to bring vital aid to the refugee camps in Calais with another 3rd one on the way! We were included in a festival recently bringing attention to their cause and to raise the focus of love and unity within our city of Plymouth

My point here is that there are so many ways to help change the outcome for the suffering of this world…coming from a place of love and humble service we can make valuable contributions locally and globally.

A friend, composer Craig Pruess along with Ugandan artists Dennis Mugagga and Daniel Sewagudde – known as the Ganda Boys - recently released Grammy nominated (social action) “The forgotten People”- a campaign with humanitarian anthem – a song; singing of the 60+ million displaced around the world. This song now fuels my medicine meditation! A poignant reminder of the growing casualties in a world without peace. Their campaign offering a hands-on approach to bringing aid and education /social integration for the displaced.

It is remarkable what can be achieved by standing by the “Forgotten people” – what we can do beyond the tangle of politics. We, the people must open ourselves to change – open our hearts and minds to service, step into our power – open ourselves to love displayed in both subtle and overt ways

For the refugees my heart is now forever your home – this is my peaceful resolve whereby they will not be forgotten and the reminder for action is as close as it can be. There is always some form of creative outlet that can become this action.

At time of writing this web log we are just days after a collaboration sound healing event, “Sound healing for World peace” with the composer Craig Pruess and sound healer, Carmen Belle White… we invited a gathering of people in the city of Plymouth to enjoy the sound healing and to share in a post event circle of council. The outcome; thoughts, peace prayer and good wishes into our own hearts – the hearts of community, the city of Plymouth and out into the World.

This was the 9th sound healing for World peace gathering we have held in our hometown over a period of a year – the focus and numbers of people attending grows steadily. The positive feedback received shows clearly…

We the people are ready and eager to embrace and participate in heart felt peace initiatives. We will not lose the focus and we will not stop.

“You will always have a home and that home happens to be my heart”

I would like to learn of similar gatherings in other locations – to synchronise our energy and intention “lest we forget” the forgotten…

Together we all bring peace to the World.

Thank you for taking time to read this web log and peace muse.

Perhaps you would like to connect with us further and attend one of our frequent sound healing events for World peace? Maybe you are an artist who would like to collaborate with us? Any suggestions for sponsorship to enable larger peace events are gratefully received.

We welcome all new friends - all enquiries and all suggestions in the name of peace

With thanks


And now a poem from me to articulate this further...

You will always have a home

You will always have a home and that home happens to be my heart…

Please dear let me explain in hope essence of my words remain within thee…

I can busy myself and try not see the pained expression and your fragility

But as time reveals us - strips us bare - and sears us – deals us truths that we cannot flee

Uncover the lies that divide us - like seas that part us

Pray tide of loving change come in to help make new start

Yes! Here it is to see…

Washed up on the shore is someone like you and like me

And when’s too late to unfurl rigid lifeless hand

Pull from cold waters and once more stand

Remember your home is now in my heart

Put precious little one in boat with hope we stay afloat long enough to breathe in ease and pray to seas to be kind that salvation we may find that love comes save us, that love comes in waves to lap upon our shore of conscience – that love awakens and shake us free from the numb uncaring false reality

That it takes this much to tear up the filthy greed and endless need for war and profit?

What boat would our children befit?

How close to this are we that we can’t see the stark reality of an uncaring world?

Put living hands together, pray with me that love enters your life and remain with thee

There are more days for you and me…thankfully…let’s pray it be

Come now, make a start

Never stop as we are breathing both you and me

And make home for the World within your heart family

It is only love that will set us free…It is only love that will set us free…It is only love that will set us free - and awaken both you and me

And remember - lest the place we dwell be torn asunder

You will always have a home and that home happens to be my heart…

Thank you once more dear friends - let us co create the peace we wish for all in this World

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