Unconditional Love is no new age mantra

It is unconditional love that will eventually emancipate the entire humankind and all sentient beings. It has to be learnt and embodied. We can easily confuse with emotive love and sentiments of love but it is not this...It is ours to learn and become...it is not ours to withdraw...it is simply not ours... it simply is and we become it and it is us...So we dislike, we may disagree...have need to defend ourselves but love is not something we can decide to withdraw It is joined in each moment Great philosophers pivot the essence of their work around love...spiritual exemplars since the dawn of humankind focus on a description of love's essence...writers, poets, playwrites, musicians, stories clear in plant entheogen experiences - the very messengers from the Earth - It is written in the stars!

Sri Sri Rivi Shankar expresses the essence of love so beautifully “Love is not an emotion – it is your very existence”

It is no New Age mantra but it IS something to be learned a-new This is the time...

I leave you with words from someone known to be the greatest writer of English language - all of you will know his name.You may notice the curious spelling and use of word - read deeply - it offers intense meaning. You may notice the message given is describing Unconditional love...nothing new...enjoy let us learn and become!!

William Shakespeare 1564 - 1616 - taken from the Sonnets 116

"Let me not to the marriage of True minds admit impediments, love is not love which alters when it alteration findes or bends with the remover to remove O no it is an ever fixed marke that looks on tempests and is never shaken: It is the star to every wandering barke, whose worths unknowne, although his height be taken Lov's not times foole, though rosie lips and cheeks within his bending sickles compasse come love alters not his breefe hours and weekes, but bears it out to the edge of doome: if this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor no man ever loved"

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