Sound healing and world peace - it is love

It can be said that we have never experienced a world peace in the whole of humankinds recorded history – but that does not mean that it cannot eventuate. We are in receipt of all the great work peacemakers gift us, the examples they set for us; – all pointing to love and loving ways as being the path to this peace.

Forgiveness, compassion, empathy, kindness and understanding.

In these times we can see a huge growth of synchronised prayer and meditation movements all around the globe as people are awakening on a large scale to the fact that we can influence matter with our consciousness and that inner peace is the first step to gaining true empowerment and greater consciousness. Thanks to the renaissance offered by ancient religious practices and the T.M movement of the 70’s, really sophisticated social networking platforms and so much more – we are getting there!

We are living in times where people are becoming increasingly aware to the healing potential offered by sound frequency - the sounds and rhythms reaching defined audiences seeking healing within sound healing events. Song is the most powerful healing tool humankind can employ and healing sound and song have always been with us – But it is now we can see around us just how the frequencies of sound and the varieties of world instruments and collections of indigenous songs, techniques and knowledge are coming together to produce spectacular healing from the new growth of equally spectacular sound healing events. People gathering together to purposefully receive individual and collective healing – and the effects ripple out far and wide and go on and on…Of course sound travels! When we create a sound healing event we are giving it to the World.

An individual will come to a sound healing and be bathed with healing frequency – will most probably meet kindred spirits who have come to experience the same. He or she will probably return to the home or family, friends or in to another social environment feeling lifted for the experience and will most likely have a positive healing effect on those they come in to contact with. So it can definitely be said - sound heals the individual on some level and then ripples out in to the world. I live in the South West of England and organise sound healing events bringing collaboration of sound healing artists and audience together to focus on World Peace. The feeling we have created and experienced in the Plymouth sound healing has been amazing – intense feeling of love all around and rippling in to the community.

I have been building on this and for September the 21st, International Peace Day we had a record audience- a full house for Plymouth’s Guildhall venue – we had the largest gathering of sound healers ever to assemble in the UK and we teamed up with internationally acclaimed producer Craig Pruess and the Ganda Boys and created our synchronised event as part of the Ganda Boys’ World Peace One tour…People are still buzzing from this nearly four weeks later at time of writing and the feedback from audience and community clearly show they feel the love generated…the greater awareness and need for peace. Shared prolifically on all the big social network platforms and the news ripples out along with the frequency of loving intention. I concur; when we hold a loving sound healing event locally we are giving it to the World!! More to come and may the sounds we create bring a greater peace to our hearts and out in to our World. Richard Down 9/10 15

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