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Access to Peruvian Healers

Shipibo Shaman

This page has been set up to honour the Shipibo tribe in peru and the fascinating and profoundly powerful medicine culture that exists in the Upper Amazon.

Our aim​
1) To showcase projects and events encouraging access to trusted and respected Shipibo shaman healers so that others can visit Peru and receive healing and tuition.
2) It is also our aim to encourage shaman healers to travel to Europe so that others in the West can experience the magical healing of the Shipibo
3) Where indicated, we aim to assist small groups to safely access the shamans, providing psychological support that may help the ongoing integration of the Shipibo healing experience.

4) We have a pledge system where a percentage of monies paid on our workshop now goes straight to an elder of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe in Peru to help maintain their medicine culture.

The submissions to this page rely on recommendations from reports and experiences of  doctors, anthropologists, artists, western apprentices and good friends in medicine who have enjoyed contact first hand with the shamans mentioned.

Maestro Antonio Vasquez
Maestro Antonio Vasquez

Maestro of 35 years - Antonio Vasquez, Santa Rosa, Dinamarca, Peru. 2011.

Shipibo Healer Rosa Arevalo Maynas
Shipibo Healer Rosa Arevalo Maynas

Shipibo Healer Rosa Arevalo Maynas, wife of Antonio and daughter of Guillermo, Santa Rosa, Dinimarca, Peru

Maestro Guillermo Arevalo
Maestro Guillermo Arevalo

Maestro Guillermo Arevalo, Anaconda Cosmica, Iquitos, Peru.

Maestro Antonio Vasquez
Maestro Antonio Vasquez

Maestro of 35 years - Antonio Vasquez, Santa Rosa, Dinamarca, Peru. 2011.

Over time we will be adding new events and more recommendations so this may serve as a useful directory anyone wishing to travel safely to the keepers of medicine.

We hope you enjoy the start of the submissions and please revisit frequently to see what else is offered. There exists a resurgence of interest in the indigenous cultures in their own medicine as the young become interested in the ancient art of plant remedy and the number of western apprentices is growing as the world seeks powerful remedy for disease and answers to questions of modern day dilemma.

This is 2015 and the Shipibo are renowned to be the upholders of Inka knowledge and masters of plant spirit medicine.

Don Antonio was the first apprentice of the highly reputed Guillermo Arevalo, he is the head of the healers in Santa Rosa and is involved in many important cultural developments in the Shipibo communities including the ongoing humanitarian project of Shipibo Shinan.
He lives with his wife Rosa Arevalo Maynas, who is sister of Guillermo and daughter of Benito, original founder of the community of Santa Rosa Dinamarca. Rosa is also a powerful healer.
Antonio has extensive plant knowledge and instructs locals and westerners in “Dieta”. He sings the Shipibo Icaros and opens medicine frequently from his malocca in Santa Rosa.

Maestro Antonio Vasquez Shipibo Shaman healer of 35 years. Santa Rosa Dinamarca Peru.​
I wish to give Maestro Antonio a personal recommendation as I have experienced his Icaro healing first hand and also the healing given by his wife, Rosa , and that of his powerful shaman entourage.

For years I have been studying plant medicine and the activity of the shamans in Peru. It has long been my desire to meet a truly indigenous healer, off the tourist route, who could facilitate genuine healings. Mid 2011 I was given details of Antonio’s village and the work that was being carried out…It looked like my dream was to become a reality! Late in 2011 I stayed in the company of Antonio’s healers and friends and witnessed the incredible power of the Shipibo song and enjoyed the greatest care extended by Antonio‘s family. I owe much to this experience and will be forever grateful.
I am sure anyone who is fortunate enough to experience this level of healing and sharing of Earth knowledge will agree that Antonio is a true master of the medicine, a kind and trustable shaman.

Santa Rosa, Dinamarca, Peru. Approximately 5 hours by boat from Puccalpa

​Access to the Shaman
Please contact us directly for our assistance in meeting Antonio.

Don Antonio singing Icaro, Santa Rosa, 2012

Maestro Guillermo Arevalo “Kestenbetsa” Anaconda Cosmica, Iquitos, Peru.
Regarded to be one of the most powerful Shaman in the world, Maestro Guillermo has dedicated his life to healing with the master plants and is an important figure in the Shipibo community leading the people back to their medicine and bringing the medicine knowledge to the World.

I know many western apprentices who have only great things to say about Anaconda Cosmica and Guillermo.  
A close friend and apprentice from Taiwan, recently stayed with Guillermo and could not recommend the medicine work highly enough. Experiencing the power of the dieta given through a healing of “pure divine light”!

Access to Anaconda Cosmica

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