Useful Links

Richard's Icaro for world peace

Richard recorded this beautiful powerful icaro for World peace - have a listen and join in with our peace prayers.

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A guide to Mestizo Shamanism by Steve Beyer - 

an essential visit for all those wishing to learn about Ayahuasca Shamanism, plant medicine and some great information, stories of the Shipibo people

A great project from healer and filmmaker Richard Grossman

This demo introduces YARINDIN - a feature documentary film about a group of veterans ravaged by war who journey to South America guided by American medical professionals and traditional native shamans for initiation into the indigenous medicine of the Amazon. The warriors' prayer is to be released from the nightmare of war and have their bodies, minds and souls restored.​

Shamanic Drums and Rattles -

Phil and Lynne Cowley Jones handcrafted my amazing horse hide and hawthorn shaft Shaman's rattle (shown in picture to the left.) They run drum making days, sell ready made drums and rattles and bespoke made drums and rattles for Shamanic workers who need specific qualities to their tools. They are incredibly good people to deal with!

Hand-crafted Native American flutes by Willow Freeman - Picture opposite shows a commissioned flute for my wife's birthday, crafted in hazel to the key of A, how beautiful. Selling all over the world to Shamans, recording artists, healers, yoga practitioners and people on all kinds of spiritual paths.

Thank you Willow.

 New movie recommendation!
​Inner Worlds Outer Worlds, a film by Daniel Schmidt
generously capturing the essence of the way to the light. It is stunning the way it is put together!
It is such a great sharing, filling in the gaps for us, lighting the way, helping us in these times. 
You can watch this 4 part video for free or by donation.
Link to the movie.... Enjoy!!