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Welcome to Gateway to the Heart – Spiritual healing work of Shaman Richard Down and sound healer Katerina Down.

You will see details of sound events, workshops and therapies we offer below. Enjoy looking around the pages but please don't go without looking at the TESTIMONIALS of our powerful change work... Also please do check out Shaman Richard's video testimonials on Youtube 

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What's new at Gateway to the Heart
News & activities in Spring 2021...
What IS new??? 
Thank you for landing here this site needs an update and it will happen so please do revisit soon Have a look around at Shaman Richard's work here and head over to  for the latest
Meeting so many people in the UK!! - We  continued the Power Up Tour with our associates Aho Studios London visiting UK cities with this drumming and chanting audience participation event...The message to the UK is come together, lets create love, peace and unity! Each stage of the tour is followed with Shaman Richard's Icaro Healing Song Training - helping as many people as possible this year to work with powerful healing song. We just started this years tour with Power Up Manchester for the third time!
In between all of this busyness it is possible to see Maestro Richard for  appointments in individual therapy and retreats...
                                                                                                   The Power up tour...

It started with POWER UP LONDON 2018- the empowerment, healing song, chanting and shamanic ecstasy event with message of love held at, and supported by, Aho Studios london back on the 24th March... Then we held POWER UP MANCHESTER on the 5th May taking the message of love generated at Aho London to the shamanic community in Manchester. The event was really encouraging, a large audience and everybody enjoying the effect POWER UP PLYMOUTH 29th June followed with equally great effects Maestro shaman Richard Down  sings  Icaro into the crowd, shamanic drumming and dance and song ecstasy - The Plymouth power up featured Katerina Down with her awesome didge playing. Following on from Plymouth we had POWER UP at ALL ABOUT LOVE FESTIVAL Icaro healing song set to electronic dance music - it was great fun and really well received - message of love...This year we have started early on the Power Up Tour with POWER UP BRIGHTON 22/2... POWER UP BRISTOL... 23/3 POWER UP MANCHESTER 18/5... POWER UP LIVERPOOL 15/6... POWER UP HARFEST... POWER UP MANCHESTER 3 18/1


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  W E    P O W E R E D    U P   M C R     F O R    T H E    S E C O N D  T I M E ! ! 

 P o w e r e d  B r i s t o l  w i t h  l o v e  a n d  m e s s a g e   o f  u n i t y 


Icaro Healing Song


Power Sessions and day sessions Healing with Richard

Richard's mainstay of working with people to facilitate change is through icaro medicine song - he also has a broad background of training in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and sound healing,

He offers one to one sessions…face to face or (very popular) via skype or similar media

See the glowing testimonials offered for his work Testimonials

Learn more and Book now


KAMBO  AMAZONIAN CLEANSING RITUAL    This year in July Richard became a Kambo practitioner  with the  International Association of Kambo Practitioners (WWW.IAKP.ORG) We have seen so many  people receive the incredible physical and psychological benefits from this Amazonian cleansing ritual

We have a sister site set up specifically for our work with kambo WWW.GREENLIGHTKAMBO.COM                       Circles available and individual sittings. This is Kambo with healing icaro song.

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 A healing CD of Story with sound

On sale now!

“The Song” – a shamanic story and sound journey CD - Part 1

This is a powerful audio experience of enchanting story narration given within a sound journey of medicine song and instrumentation by shaman Richard and sound healer Katerina Down – it is designed to relax, entertain and empower. Available as CD and MP3 download

This is really helping a lot of people. Most people who have purchased have been back for more for their friends!

Buy Now or Read more and listen to samples


Our presence on social media - FACEBOOK
We have 6 large platforms for sharing on social media's Facebook. Please do have a look and join - this is where you will find we are very active and you can enjoy daily posts
 1)Richard Down
2)World Peace Meditations   3)Loving Prayer in to the Hearts and minds of World leaders

4)Sound healing events world wide      

5)Sound healing events UK 

Recently created with Human Salam, Norwegian professional electronic music composer - a multi artistic child of the Universe. This is a transmission from Salam, medicine shaman Richard and sound healer Katerina. We place these frequencies right here right now to bring love to raise vibration

We hope you enjoy - that it is enjoyed on every level and that it raises a felt awareness.

We see the darkness only to blow it away - we rise from the ashes to the fractal light -

we look to the Great Spirit chakra.... "9"


Ayahuasca Funk
by Richard and Katerina
with art from Mark Segwick and
 images from Richard's stay in Peru
Metta meditation 
Loving kindness meditation
Free spoken word and music
with shaman Richard


Metta meditation - a loving kindness meditation.

Enjoy this 28 minute guided visualisation with

Richard Down

Richard's icaro for World peace 2015 version
An early recording from ceremony - sonido and  powerful icaro for World peace - have a listen and join in with our peace prayers.
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​Message from the Earth
"With love and connection to mother Earth, great power is accessible. The songs given to us through her plants can heal our souls and make our bodies sing. As we open our hearts to Earth knowledge, we find the vision, our voices within and the reclaimation of love; the way we naturally grow together and become one. We move from obscurity into the light, finding a new power within; a new personal joy. Embrace the connection that exists between all living things, become aware of the spirit of the plants - the true messengers of Mother Earth, their songs and the message of love."

Richard's Journal, Santa Rosa Peru, 2011






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