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Join Maestro Richard at Yew Tree Wellness Manchester March 14th  for this much acclaimed one day intensive introduction into healing song and the route to Icaro incantation
Your host:
Richard is is known for his work with healing song, sound healing and peace initiatives - the mainstay of his work singing plant spirit song and Shipibo Icaro healing song, sung to individuals and audiences for healing effect
Initiated into incantation shamanism via two powerful encounters with Shipibo Maestros in 2011 and later in 2013 Richard developed great ability with Icaro - said by some in indigenous Shipibo medicine circles as possessing ability akin to "Muraya" the top rank of incantation shaman -
Over the years Richard has developed a workshop training whereby he shares a way for most into their own healing song - a way to have healing effect through ones own healing voice and also the basis on which to build Icaro
The Training content:
* Attunement from Maestro Richard - Icaros to the group
* Through sharings of encounters with the medicine healers and how they achieve healing effects through song Richard reveals the history, resources and character of the Icaro
*Instruction into the Chakras - introducing how to direct healing effect with song, working with "Puro Sonido" - pure sound
*Instruction into techniques - the use of intention, vocal overtone, vocables, cadence in producing healing song and Icaro
*Practical demonstration in group and pairs singing techniques and embracing the introduction to Icaro healing - this is putting all of it together (the fun bit!) the character of the song, intention, all techniques, Shipibo words/incantation
* Sharing circle to conclude the day
* Ongoing encouragement: The purpose of this one day intensive is to get participants started on the journey to healing song - to immediately get people singing with healing effect. Maestro Richard will invite you to the closed FB group "Icaro healing song support and advanced training" A free platform to further encourage your growth with healing song, a place where you can also share with others working with Icaro and healing song

This intensive is for everyone - from facilitators, energy healers to people interested in song and vocal ability.

Although this may seem like a lot of information to absorb in one day you will find it naturally flows. This can be a profound gift for life.

“My ability to sing healing songs comes directly from the teacher plant spirits and help from maestro shaman friends of the Shipibo tribe in Peru, I sing in sound healing events and to people personally with profound effects… Let me show you, it will be my pleasure to pass on what I understand will help.”

The Investment for this training is reflected in its speciality rarity and huge benefit. Payment in full £180. This training is limited to 20 places. .

TICKETS NOW ON SALE: You have three options when making payment
1) Purchase now by following this link: https://www.gatewaytotheheart.co.uk/shop

IMPORTANT NOTE: If purchasing through our website using paypal please mark “FRIENDS AND FAMILY” otherwise we lose money on the transaction

2) Purchase through direct debit:     

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NOTE: If you purchase this way please email Richard@gatewaytotheheart.co.uk to say you have made purchase

3)Purchase by instalments:
For those who would like to set up instalments simply call Richard to arrange an easy payment plan 07732015555 (the full ticket price must be paid prior to the days training)

NOTES ON DEPOSIT: The ticket price is £180... £100 of which forms a non - returnable deposit. If you cannot make the course you must tell us in advance. You may be able to join another workshop in another location on the next available date.

Preparation for the day:
Consider your own personal healing intention
Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring some lunch, shamanic rattle and/or frame drum (if you have them) also notepad and pencil

Avoid alcohol/substances also busy social engagements before and immediately after the training.

MANCHESTER VENUE:  Yew Tree Wellness Davenport House Farm Alderley Edge SK9 7SL

It is still possible to see Maestro Richard for 2 hour "Power Sessions" via skype and one-to-one appointments for individual healing

Day and residential sessions can be arranged for private group and individual tuition for the training contents. There is further scope to advanced training for medicine facilitators and energy healers

You are welcome to learn more of Richard’s work at https://www.gatewaytotheheart.co.uk/individual-healing

You are greatly encouraged to join London’s premier shamanic community at Aho and enjoy the wealth of spiritual, educational and shamanic events...Come and find your tribe at https://www.aho.community